Our Approach

D.J.'s Approach

You wont find personal attention quite like this anywhere else.  At other shops, you may find an employee tasked with answering the phones or scheduling, a service writer, a mechanic, a supervisor, and a front desk employee.  At Cel Automotive & Diesel Repair, Inc. D.J. takes care of you and your vehicle from start to finish - there is no middle man or message relaying.  When you have a question about a price, an appointment, a concern about a noise your vehicle is making, or something that was done to your vehicle D.J. will be there to answer it. There are no dreams of expanding the business.  It's simple; D.J. loves his job, he's good at it, and you can trust him.  He continues to have an excellent reputation in the Billings Community for his honesty, work ethic, and knowledge.

Our Story

Meet the Crew


Tony Marsh

Perimeter Patrol

Tony claims to be the brains of the operation.  He found his way here from Omaha.  Tony's claim to fame is wiping his mouth on your pants right after lunch.  He comes to the shop on weekends to make sure the books are and to guard the perimeter.  He dreams of a career with the Billing Police Department as a bomb squad dog.


Abby Marsh

Rabbit Chaser

Abby is the cute one of the group.  Her butt wiggling makes her the office favorite.  On weekends she practices her professional tennis ball catching. We hear she has submitted an application to be the spokesmodel for Dunlop.  

DJ & Charlee

D.J. & Charlee Marsh


D.J. is a Master Certified Technician who has been in the Billings community since his graduation from college in 1990.  D.J. was born in Roundup, MT.  He has worked in both independent shops and dealerships, accumulating over 25 years of experience in all details of automotive repair.  D.J. and Charlee have been married since 2010.

Charlee comes from Miles City and graduated from Tiffin University with a degree in Forensic Psychology.  She assists crime victims as a Victim Witness Specialist with the Billings City Attorney's Office and takes care of the bookkeeping at the shop.